What happens in a car accident without insurance Australia?

Written by: David Scott

Is it illegal to not insure your car Australia?

The possibility of travelling by car makes our life more efficient. We can easily get to our destination without being packed together with people whose nearness we do not explicitly desire; there is no need to adjust ourselves to the timetables of public transport vehicles; we just jump into our car, start the engine and get going. 

Of course, not every aspect of this travelling form is a piece of cake; once we have our driving licence and other important documents to take the control of the steering wheel, it is not just about having fun; we must shoulder responsibility for ourselves, our passengers and other drivers on the roads.

At this article I am guiding you in the topic of the Australian car insurance; what is good to keep in mind, what to consider and what steps should be taken if you would like to insure your four-wheel steed.

Is it obligatory to have a valid car insurance in Australia? 

Let me introduce you one of your most supportive friends while driving; CTP. CTP means Compulsory Thirds Party insure what is compulsory to possess if your care have been registered. 

What happens in case of an accident having CTP?

CTP insurance helps you in financial liability  you may face during a motor vehicle accident that results in injury to a third party, including passengers in your car, other drivers and their passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.

While CTP is unavoidable in Australia, you are not obligated to have so-called Comprehensive or Third Party cover. However, without having additional insurance you are exposed to financial danger  – even if the given accident happened beyond your fault.

Changing laws and regulation at different regions

The charge of CTP differs depending on the state or region you stay. To define generally, the amount you  pay for CTP is calculated based on the type, size and age of the vehicle. In most states, CTP is involved in the price you pay when registering the vehicle. 

Now, let me mention an unwilled occurrence ; what happens in case of an accident without insurance? 

If you are not-at-fault of an accident … 

If another driver causes an accident and damages your vehicle, it is their responsibility to cover your repair costs. This means you can claim compensation. 

If you are at-fault of an accident … 

Similarly, if you are at-fault for a car accident – without insurance –  you have to pay for any damage you cause.

As a conclusion, we can state: „More haste less speed.”  Stay safe and remember: it is better to reach your destination later than never.

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