Travel Insurance Opportunities in Singapore

Written by: David Scott

At the very heart of Southeast Asia, we all know Singapore as a sparkling metropolitan city-state. The warm climate and excellent transportation system give its habitants and visitors an outstanding possibility to discover the whole Asia around or enjoy several local public holidays in Singapore.

In my article, my aim is to give you a helping hand and make you widely-informed by presenting the most well-known travel insurance companies of Singapore. So, when you next travel, you may feel yourself free to take pleasure in the journey itself without worrying about any issues. 

The top 5 travel insurance companies are the followings: 

  1. Allianz Travel Insurance (Bronze)
  2. Singlife Travel Insurance (Lite)
  3. AXA SmartTraveller
  4. FWD (Premium)
  5. MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex

Allianz Travel Insurance (Bronze)

Are you searching for the best overseas medical coverage? You have found your match; Allianz is at your back by providing support up to S$400,000  in case of medical need. What is more, you do not even have to be a premium-level client to share in this; possessing the basic bronze-level plan is perfectly sufficient. 

Worth mentioning that Allianz Travel Insurance includes coverage for both COVID-19 and Cruise to Nowhere trips.

Have you found yourself under the threat of terrorism? 

Allianz can show off with a terrorism coverage up to S$35,000 for basic-class clients. Would you like to be boundlessly protected?Your unlimited overseas medical coverage is at the door.
When to choose Allianz? If you are a price-flexible traveller who has concern about having the best basic insurance plan in exchange of a slightly higher premium. 

Singlife Travel Insurance (Lite)

Are you a mile-counter wishing for a dream-holiday reward? You are at the right place; Singlife is committed to protect your miles and flight reclaiming. 

Have you finally got your bonus-ticket but something unpredictable occurs? Are you compelled to delay / cancel your flight?

Do not feel hopeless! Not like other insurance companies, Singlife can help you to claim back your miles. If your claim is verified as „irretrievable loss” , you are entitled to get a full refund of your airline ticket. Sounds good, right? 

On the top of this, if you have Plus or Prestige coverage-plan, you can receive a trip cancellation benefit of S$5,000 regardless of the reason.

When to choose Singlife?
If you are a passionate but careful mile-collector who prefers getting and not losing what belongs to you. 

AXA SmartTraveller

Are you often anxious about flight delays or the loss of your belongings? AXA was made for you; with one of the highest coverage-offers for such incidents, AXA can be the correct answer. 

Talking about financials, this coverage can go up to S$1,000 for flight delays, up to S$5,000 for loss or damage to belongings, and up to S$1,200 for baggage delays. 

As COVID-19 has changed the way of travelling, AXA will not leave you alone neither at the worst; a quarantine allowance for infectious disease is up to S$350 (for outside of Singapore).   

When to choose AXA?
If you are a traveller who extremely wants to secure personal belongings and would like to feel safe even during a lock-down.

FWD Travel Insurance

Are you searching for a simple and tractable solution? Let me introduce FWD Travel Insurance; FWD is mostly preferred among those who like using user-friendly applications by simply having a smartphone. 

For the basic plan coverage you can be given up to S$200,000 in overseas medical coverage and personal accident, up to S$300 in flight delays and in case of lost belongings. Keep in mind that you pay lower premium for this service compared to other providers. It is definitely an advantage that all the levels of FWD coverage make unlimited medical evacuation and emergency repatriation possible for its customers. 

When to choose FWD?
If you are someone who wants to carry out trips or faraway-travels the most cost-efficient way. 

MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex

Are you interested in a favourable plan for customers travelling with long-term health problems?  This offer perfectly fits you; opposite other insurance companies, MSIG will not leave you alone if you have to cancel your flight for example due to a sudden asthma attack. It means that even if this condition is pre-existing, you are entitled to be covered Among these conditions we can mention eczema, hypertension or diabetes. MSIG will not add addition charges if you cancel, postpone, shorten or disrupt your journey due to such unexpected rush of your sickness. 

As a matter of fact, you are obliged to have a regular, properly-controlled anamnesis.

When to choose MSIG?
If you desire to wander around our planet but till now you were frustrated about your general state of health during travelling.

“The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself” – said  Wallace Stevens. If you have sateless drive within to explore this beauty, get going.
Nevertheless, remember that being adventuresome does not mean being careless.

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