Popular Homeowners Insurance Companies in Sydney

Written by: David Scott

Sydney is the most most populous city in Australia and Oceania. However it is among the most expensive cities in the world, Sydney is also marked in the list of the top 10 most liveable cities. Do you plan to move to Sydney and try to make the settling down easier? Do you live in Sydney and would like to know more about the homeowners companies there most in favour? I will do my best to give you a helping hand.

Budget Direct Home and Contents Insurance

What is covered by Budget Direct Home and Contents Insurance? 

  • home building: expenses while repairing or replacing your damaged house, garden and other structures on your property
  • home contents: cost of repairing or replacing your lost or damaged moveables
  • temporary accommodation: periodical place of staying if your permanent home is unfitted for you/ your family / pets caused by natural disasters / other unfavourable conditions
  • legal liability: in case of bodily injury / death / inheritance disputes

For additional premium, you can receive a share of

  • flood cover 
  • accidental damage
  • landlord cover: if your tenants cause damage on your property
  • personal items cover (e.g.: jewellery, camera, smartphone)
  • motor burnout: in case a motor burns out in one of your less-than-10-years-old electrical appliances 

Note that if you get a quote on-line, you can save up to 30% !

Virgin Money Home and Contents Insurance

What is covered by Virgin Money Home and Contents Insurance? 

  • home building insurance :  in case of events like fire, explosion, extreme weather/ natural disaster, escape of liquid or other damage for example caused by fallen tree
  • home contents insurance: among insured events there are theft or attempted theft, vandalism,breakage of glass/ceramic surfaces
  • landlord cover insurance  : in case of damage caused on your property by your tenant 

Need some extras? 

You can extand your cover with:

  • accidential damage cover 
  • flood cover
  • raising your premium up to 25 % if your nominated sum is not sufficient to compensate your loss

Do not forget: you can get 15% discount if you purchase online: if you combine Home and Contents insurance policies, you can get additional 30% discount from your 1st year’s premium!

NRMA Home Plus Buildings & Contents Insurance

What does NRMA Home Plus Buildings & Contents Insurance include? 

  • buildings and structural improvements 
  • buildings materials / gates/ fences/ other attachments of your property 
  • contents cover: cash up to up to $1,250, credit card up to up to $5,000, electronic files up to up to $2,500, computer software and hardware, electrical accessories, antique items and other valuables, business equipment, personal medical belongings 
  • death and injury cover : support up to  $10,000 for funeral
  • lock replacement 
  • temporary accommodation ( pets also included) 
  • temporary repairs on the property
  • contents cover while moving

Insured events are: 

  • accidental loss / damage
  • accidental breakage of glass
  • fire/flood – natural disasters
  • extreme weather conditions 
  • theft or burglary
  • acts of vandalism

At NRMA you can also gain a bunch of discounts, like loyalty discount or multi policy discount up to 22,5%, or „no claims” bonus up to 25%. There is also a limited $200 discount offer for home buildings cover.

Youi Home and Contents Insurance

Their motto is the following: „Whatever you claim. Big or small. We’re onto it.”
What can you expect from Youi Home and Contents Insurance? 

  • bcuildings insurance
  • contents insurance
  • buildings & contents insurance 
  • landlord insurance 

The insured events are:

  • theft 
  • fire 
  • extreme weather conditions
  • natural disasters
  • escaping liquid 
  • intentional / animal damage
  • legal liability
  • temporary accommodation 
  • loss of locks / keys
  • accidentally broken glass / ceramics
  • emergency repairs
  • building improvements
  • tenants liability
  • damage from injury / accident
  • funeral expenses 

Optional add-ons…

  • contents accidential loss and damage  : regardless of the location of your values
  • buildings accidential damage
  • contents in commercial storage : cover up to to $20,000 against loss or damage caused by fire / extreme weather conditions 
  • business items coverage up to $5000
  • pet injury up to $1000 towards vet-fees 

Some of the key advantages of this provider: 

  • 24/7 Emergency claim assistance
  • winner of the Mozo’s People’s Choice Awards for Excellent Customer Service, Excellent Claims Experience and Most Recommended
  • Canstar experts marked Youi Home and Contents Insurance as the winner of 2021’s Most Satisfied Customers for Home in Australia

Huddle Everyday Comprehensive Home and Contents Insurance

„Say hello to fast, simple cover. With options for homeowners and renters, getting covered is easy.” says the slogan and it seems that the customer satisfaction proves this.

Home and Contents cover 

Insured events :

  • fire / bushfire 
  • extreme weather conditions / natural disaster
  • theft 
  • malicious damage / vandalism 
  • accidental glass breakage 
  • impacts : by a falling tree / motor vehicle 
  • escape of liquid 

You can have Home / Contents cover separately as well. 

Contents cover:

  • Contents in your home office 
    • Basic coverage: up to $2,500
    • Comprehensive coverage : up to $5,000
    • Huddle Black premium coverage : $10,000 
  • Contents while in transit
    • Damage caused by fire, collision or overturning of the vehicle carrying your items while moving.
    • Basic coverage: up to 20% of your contents sum insured

Comprehensive & Huddle Black coverage: up to your contents sum insured

  • portable values cover: optional ( including handbag, jewellery, laptop or tablet, anywhere in Australia for an additional premium )
  • legal liability

Basic & Comprehensive coverage : up to $20 million
Huddle Black premium : up to $30 million

Home cover 

  • Emergency accommodation
    • Basic & Comprehensive cover : the lesser of 12 months’ rent or up to 10% of your home sum insured
    • Huddle Black premium:  up to 20% of your home sum insured
  • Emergency storage of your contents 
    • Basic coverage: up to 10% of your contents sum insured
    • Comprehensive & Huddle Black premium: up to 15% of your contents sum insured
  • Replacement locks after theft/loss of home keys
    • Basic coverage: up to $750
    • Comprehensive & Huddle Black premium: up to $1,500
  • Legal liability
    • Basic and Comprehensive coverage : up to $20 million
    • Huddle Black premium : up to $30 million

What else do you get by having Huddle Black premium cover ? 

  • you get a wider range of perks and limits including $5,000 for landscaping and $2,000 for food spoilage
  • you can get portable values cover for things you take out and about (jewellery, laptop, tablet etc)
  • 24/7  Assistance in case of highly emergency cases when the insurant needs help as soon as possible (being locked out / leaking plumbs, etc) 

The rests of the well-known insurance groups worth mentioning: 

  • RACQ Home & Contents Insurance 
  • Huddle Everyday Comprehensive Home and Contents Insurance
  • Woolworths Comprehensive Cover Building and Contents Insurance
  • Honey Home and Contents Insurance

In the end we can outline our point of view by a common stand: every single provider has its own cons and pros. Obviously if you can afford to invest more, you can harvest more. 

Nevertheless, the best and also the worst element in life is that literally anything can happen. Remember this when planning your home-insurance portfolio. 

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