Popular Homeowners Insurance Companies in Florida

Written by: David Scott

Maintaining our own home is a privilege but comes together with loads of duties and compulsory tasks. Feeling ourselves safe and cosy requires foresight, carefulness and willingness to be informed about our options when talking about home-insurance. All of us aims to protect our personal properties and real assets, we also pay respect for ourselves and our beloved ones by doing our best to secure what we possess. If you reside in the so-called „Sunshine State” and you wish to get to know about the most sparkling homeowners insurance companies around you, stay here to read my lines.

It is worth talking about Amica

Amica proffers multiple insurance and investment products, including home, auto, flood, and marine insurance.  What is more, they are at your service with 24/7 customer service.

Amica’s basic homeowners insurance policy covers the common danger-factors. It also includes the Platinum Choice Home package, which enlarges the coverage with special elements, like computer assurance, support in case of water overflow and gives opportunity to secure our most valuable items. Like no other insurers in our list, Amica pays policyholders annual shares, allowing them to compensate an average of 5% to 20% of their annual fee. Among its disadvantages it should be stated that Amica does not use independent agents. Also, not all its policies can be found online.

It is your turn, StateFarm

State Farm offers insurance, investment, and banking services across all 50 states. This insurance company has an A++ AM Best rating.

The standard package covers all the basics, for example your home, buildings on your property, and possessions under-roof. Moreover, it includes medical bill coverage. There are some optional extras in case of an earthquake or water backup. It does credit to State Farm that it  has a strong network of local agents and useful digital tools, like the „online estimate” service. It also addresses renters and condo – , farm- and ranch- owners. 

However, if you choose this company you may face fewer discounts compared to others mentioned in my list. Similarly to Amica, StateFarm does not employ independent agents.

Do not forget about Nationwide…

Nationwide set its sail as an Ohio-based auto insurance company, but today it provides countless insurance products, for instance homeowners insurance to people living across the States.

Its standard home insurance extends to cover common perils,  but policyholders have an option to purchase additional specialty coverage to protect them in extreme cases like flooding, earthquakes, or water backups. Take advantage of the accessible discounts and reduce your premium by making plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical renovation within your home.

Nationwide shows up a full range of insurance and financial services, including car, motorcycle, boat, pet, farm, commercial, and life insurance, along with mortgages, pensions, long-term savings plans, and even additional health services.

Having more than $274 billion in assets, Nationwide has flourished to be one of the most enormous insurance companies at the Fatherland of Potentials. Nevertheless, keep in mind that „Nationwide” is not actually available nationwide. Secondly, add-on policy options can easily boost up the charges and expenses you are obliged to pay. 

Take a look at Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is one of the least expensive providers. This Boston-based insurance company has an A rating with AM Best. Numerous investment and insurance products, including renters, auto, pet, tuition, and home insurance; these are the elemental datas to mention. 

Its standard version covers basic damages – theft, fire, and severe weather- . It also offers flood insurance policies from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Liberty Mutual has a spectacular collection of discounts allowing customers to reduce their already low rates. 

Besides, in many states, you are entitled to fet 10% off your base policy when you buy it online. ( Note that this reduction in price is not available in California).

For those who enjoy using digital platform Liberty Mutual has a lot of good options, including a comprehensive website where you can check policy options, manage billing, file and handle your claims just by downloading a mobile- app. But if you prefer, you can call them directly or use their online assisting system  to consult with an agent near you.

If you find affordable price extremely important when selecting, Liberty Mutual may be the blue-eyed boy. 

Please meet Chubb

Chubb is a global insurance company has an A++ financial rating from AM Best. It involves flood, auto insurance and specialty insurance products designed to cover things like collectibles or boats. You can also count on Chubb if you face cyber threats. It means Chubb will even restore your data if your computer is attacked by a virus. 

Chubb’s Masterpiece Homeowners Coverage contains all the basic protections plus risk consulting, extended replacement cost, and complimentary property management services. Moreover, if you own a a second or seasonal home in some hurricane-prone regions, Chubb lines up behind you. 

Have you recently renovated or bought your home? If your answer is yes, you can get a discount up to 17% if you vote for Chubb.

No pending mortgage? You may save up to 10% on your premium. Years passed by with no demands? Three or more years with no claims can save you up to 10%. If these conditions above raised your interest, take Chubb into consideration.

The gold medal goes to USAA

USAA offers a wide-ranging insurance, both financial, and investment products to its insurants. Due to the updated accounts it has won an A++ AM Best Rating. USAA is an insurance company specialized for active and veteran military members, their spouses, and their children. 

For having this type of insurance, you have to be an USAA member. In order to get this membership-status, these conditions mentioned above cannot be avoided.

In addition to homeowners insurance, USAA’s portfolio offers insurance for renters, health, vehicles, small businesses and even pets.  USAA Bank provides different kinds of accounts, loan services, and access to ATMs nationwide. You can also receive some beneficial pieces of investment advice, or get a help in planning your retired ages by taking out USAA insurance.

Last,  but not least: Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance Group protects more than 9.5 million households and takes care of more than 18.5 million policies. They have about 47.800 exclusive and including independent agents. 

The company offers 3 policy spheres: there is a standard plan, an enhanced plan, and finally a premier plan. It markets the standard package to new clients, the middle-leveled one is established for homeowners and the most exclusive package to customers who would like to maximize their insurance coverage. This categorized system makes your choosing more customized while keeping things simple.

Farmers isn’t available in all states.

Do you work as a military – officer, teacher or firefighter?  Farmers has some special offers for you. Remember that not all discounts are available in all states. Farmers also supports you if you house gets damaged by extreme weather conditions, but it is not only referred to your home but garage, shed, guesthouse, or other buildings.

If your home is under construction, Farmers  gives a helping hand to pay for temporary lodging and food. Are you worried about your personal belongings? Cover your furniture, clothing, and other possessions in your property. It is important to mention that jewelry, art or previous metals may require additional coverage. 

Liability coverage is also within a reach to help you in paying medical expenses even if someone on your property gets injured and you are considered faulty. If you plan for long-term with calculable solutions for many years, Farmers is one of the best options.

To sum up we can define choosing the most appropriate homeowners company  mission as a difficult task to accomplish – by mutual consent. But if you ever get lost among the troops of terms and conditions, remember the proverb: „my house is my castle”. This is the place from where you get going and where you settle down at the end of your everyday-battles. 

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